Friday, June 24, 2011

Buds Of Hope

Waiting for our rose bush to bloom

      I love roses.  I love the sweet smell.  I love the delicate petals.  I love the splash of color they add to our garden.  Each year when Spring arrives, I look forward to watching our rose bushes burst forth with new life and beautiful blooms.  This year, however, has been a test of patience.  First of all we had a cooler and wetter Spring than usual so everything is behind in growing (including our roses).  Secondly, we lost a few early blooms due to some hungry deer who thought our rose buds would make a tasty snack.  So here it is, middle of June, and we are still waiting for the first buds to open. 

     We water and fertilize the bushes.  We drag the pots out onto the sidewalk so they can soak up as much afternoon sun as possible.  We drag the pots back onto our patio at night to deter the deer.  We watch and we wait!  It would be tempting to give up and quit except for one thing- the buds!  The buds show that something is happening.  Some of the buds even show little glimpses of the colorful blooms to come.  The buds are the hope that the blooms we have been waiting for are not far behind. 
     It started me thinking about our adoption journey.  It too, has been a test of patience.  We don't know why we have waited so long.  We long for sweet baby gurgles and delicate little fingers and toes.  We long for stroller walks through the park.  We long for visits to see Grandma and Grandpa.  We long for the joy of parenthood and a long awaited prayer answered.  We long to have our baby home and in our arms.  And sometimes we wonder how much longer we will have to wait!
     I recently read a post from another waiting mom to be.  It was a post about giving up, losing hope, and wondering whether it was really worth it to continue the wait.  It was really sad.  Several members of the forum posted encouraging comments and I pray that she was able to regain her hope and continue on.  When life seems the darkest, that's when we need to cling even closer to God and the hope He has given us.

     Waiting isn't easy and Jim and I have had our dark days along the way.  But I am so thankful for the buds of hope that God so faithfully continues to send!   A song on the email from a friend...a sweet prayer offered on our behalf...a whisper to our hearts...these buds show us that something is happening, even if we can't see it!  New life is ready to burst forth not only in our garden, but also in our lives!  So we continue to watch and wait....and we are even more confident than ever before that our baby will be with us soon! 

       Wherever life finds you today, don't give up hope!
"And let us not be weary in well doing:  for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."  Galatians 6:9

Our roses are now blooming!  There are new blooms to enjoy everyday.  I couldn't resist adding a few pics to last weeks blog:)  As our garden grows and blooms, so does our hope that our baby is coming soon!

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  1. Good words for us all to take to heart. We all have disappointing events in our lives. . . those times when we cannot see the end of the dark tunnel, but God is faithful. Hang onto Him and His words.