Friday, July 26, 2013

Beginning Again!

     Wednesday we officially went off of "hold."  Yipeeeeee!  It took a few months longer than we anticipated, but all the paperwork is finished, letter is done and new profile is up.  I would have posted earlier, but we were busy celebrating:) 
     We went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse and bought a Curious George book and stuffed animal for the nursery (not that our nursery needs another stuffed animal, lol, but we couldn't help ourselves).  We have also had fun sharing the good news with family and friends.  We are just so excited!!!  We are expecting through adoption...we just don't know when our baby will arrive.  Our desire to have our baby home is so strong, sometimes it feels like we could burst.  It's great to have that anticipation and excitement back.    
     It feels feels new, like a fresh start.  I am happy to feel hopeful again.  It's nice to be able to begin again with new energy, renewed hope and fresh excitement. It reminds me of the verse in the Bible that talks about God's mercies being new every morning.  It is so easy to get weary with the waiting and to be dragged down by life's circumstances...  But we don't have to stay there.  We can have a fresh start!!!  
    Now we wait for that all important phone call, or email:) 

     For those who would like to check our our new letter and profile, you can go to All of our contact info is there as well as a link to our letter.  Feel free to share any of our links and/or contact information on your facebook page, email accounts, doctor's office-anywhere you'd like.  It helps us get the word out that we are adopting.  So many matches are made through a friend of a friend of a friend so we appreciate your sharing. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Almost There!

     We are almost there!  Back in February we had to go on "hold" with our adoption agency during our move from California to Indiana.  We settled in, got boxes upacked and then started on the process of updating our homestudy and getting ready to go back "in the books." 
     Well as of today, our homestudy is complete and approved.  Our Dear Birth Mother Letter is updated and has a fresh new look thanks to Billie Bush Photography and Joanna at Our Chosen Child.  And our iheartadoption profile is finished and ready to go live. 
     We are now just wanting for our iheartprofile to be approved and our letters to arrive to the IAC-which should hopefully happen any day now!  Then we will officially be off of hold. 
     Yipee!!!!  Just had to take a moment to celebrate:)  We are ready...ready to begin again with renewed hope and a fresh outlook.  Thanks for your love, support and most of all your prayers as we embark on this next leg of our journey to adopt.   We will keep you posted...