Sunday, February 7, 2016

The "Little" Things

     I posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago...enjoy:)

     I cleaned my wedding ring today. I'm a little embarrased to admit it had probably been six months or longer since I had taken the time to clean it. As I used a little brush to scrub off the layers, yes layers, of gunk and grime...I was a liitle shocked at how dirty it really was. And when I finished...Wow! What a difference! I had really noticed how much dirt and grime had built up during the time I had neglected my ring. I wear it all the time, yet failed to notice its... dulling.
That made me think. Isn't that what we often do with our marriage. At first it is bright and shiny and exciting, but then as life happens we start to neglect the "little" things...we stop meeting our spouse at the door to give them a kiss, we don't take time to do the things we used to do while dating, we rush and don't take time to really talk, we become complacent and neglect the one we love most. And if we're not careful our once shiny and exciting marriage becomes dull and neglected right before our eyes.
Let's take time to do the "liitle" things for those we love. Because little things really do add up to big things!

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