Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello Kitty: Introducing Melody Joy!

     Hi, my name is Melody Joy and I am the newest addition to the Thomas family.  I am 12 weeks old and am growing up really fast!  My markings are called Tortoise Shell, but there is nothing slow about me.  I keep my new mommy and daddy very busy:) 
When I first came home, my food dish was bigger than me!
Here I am playing with a favorite toy

I love to climb!

Me and my new mommy

Daddy and I love to snuggle!

I think this basket is just my size

My mousie, you can't have it


All sacked out after a day of play!

I love to be pulled around in my little "sleigh."

Tissue paper is great fun


So is watching TV

In a few short weeks I have grown twice as long as when I first came home

    As you can see, I have lots of energy and love to play.  I can't wait for my Mommy and Daddy to adopt so I can have a little friend to play with:)