Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Beginnings

     There is a lot of new in our lives right now.  We are moving to a new state- Indiana!  Jim was selected for a transfer with his job as a Prison Chaplain.  Two weeks from today, we will hit the road with our kitten, Melody to begin our roadtrip to our new state.  We are going to be new homeowners!  This will be our first time buying a house and not only that, it is our dream house.  We totally expected to buy a starter house...something we could fix up and transform into our dream house.  God had other plans and we are overwhelmed with gratitude at His provision.  We will be going to a new church!  I love my Grace family and it is sad to leave after six years.  It's always a little scary to move to a new place and try to find a church family.  But, while we were on our house hunting trip, we visited an awesome church that welcomed us with open arms!  We will have new opportunities with adoption!  Our agency is in Indiana, so that part won't change, but we are working on a new letter.  I am really excited about feels more like us.  We are also thinking about fos-adopt- which would be a brand new adventure for us.  Lots and lots and lots of new!
     With that in mind, I decided it was time for a new beginning with my blog.  I really lost the motivation to write last year.  I felt like there wasn't really anything important to write about with our adoption journey.  It's so easy to get stuck sometimes, but the slower seasons are just as much a part of our story as the "big events."  Jim and I read a book this fall about looking for God's grace in the everyday (I'll write more about that later).  So I am making a new committment to journaling our journey!   All of our story is important!  I want to keep my eyes open for everyday graces!  So I am making a new goal to write at least once a week...whether I "feel" like it or not:) 

      "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.  His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning, new every morning.  Great is thy faithfulness oh God!  Great is thy faithfulness."


  1. Change (NEW) always seems like it is going to be hard to do, but as we step forward into Gods Grace HE makes each new step, each new challenge, each new beginning a simple thing. May not seem like it at the time, BUT with each NEW thing that comes your way God will already have given you the wisdom to know just how to handle it or how to flow into it. I am so excited about your move, your new dream home and your desire to help those children that are in need of love and care, those that are in foster care. Who better than you and Jim that are so full of love, that you can’t contain it any longer. You have so much to give a baby, a toddler, a child, a preteen and a teen. No matter the direction you take, in Life and they will be many, God walks with you. HE will be guiding your every step. Dad and I love you both and pray that your dream of having a baby will come true this year as well. Love Mom