Friday, April 12, 2013

A Hopeful Adoptive Mother's Prayer

     April is National Poetry Month and our agency is having a poetry contest.  I decided to expand a poem I wrote a while ago.  Let me know what you think:) 

A Hopeful Adoptive Mother’s Prayer


Wet sloppy kisses and rocking to sleep

Beautiful, tiny hands and perfect little feet

The sound of baby sighs and cries

This is what I long for


Busy hands and pattering feet

Messy fun and learning new feats

The joy of Toddler discoveries

This is what I hope for


Bedtime stories and riding a bike

Off to school and oh so bright

The wonder of how fast they grow

This is what I wish for


Two hearts united in joy and pain

One Mother’s loss, another’s gain

The mystery of adoption love

This is what I cry for


Welcoming arms and open hearts

A family formed, no longer apart

The Journey of Parenthood beginning

This is what I ache for


Whispered prayers and silent tears

Our “Happily Ever After” finally here

The miracle of motherhood

This is what I pray for
A room full of hope...

waiting for...

a prayer to be answered.


  1. You touch my heart once again through this poem. Brought tears to my eyes, for i know how much you both desire a baby and the wait that you have walked through together. I love this poem keep writing it is beautiful. Love mom