Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Fun!

     Since winter seems to be eluding us here in Northern California this year, I am bringing winter to our blog this week.  Winter is my favorite time of year, so I am pretty bummed that we have NO SNOW!  Below I have posted some pictures of Lake Tahoe.  Jim and I drove there a few weeks ago for a little get-away, winter wonderland style.  I've also included some of our favorite childhood memories of winter and activities that we look forward to enjoying with our child some day.  Hope you enjoy the pics and memories!  Please feel free to comment on some of your favorite winter activities too! 

Beautiful Lake Tahoe on our last get-away!

 Jim's Favorite Winter Memories:

     *Building snow forts in the woods behind my house
     *Sledding down the hill across the street with kids from the neighborhood
     *Standing outside and watching huge fluffy flakes fall down all around me
               (especially with Christmas lights)
     *Coming in for hot chocolate after shoveling the driveway

Jim still enjoys hiking in the snow!

Jim's Least Favorite Winter Memories:
     *Too many days without snow!

Any day with snow is a GREAT day!

Amy's Favorite Winter Memories:
     *Building snowmen with my brother and sister
     *Sledding down the hill between our house and my grandparents' house
     *Catching snowflakes on my tongue
     *Sipping hot chocolate after "helping" to shovel the driveway
     *Making crazy snow angels
     *SNOW DAYS!

Did I forget to mention that I like to throw Jim:)

Amy's Least Favorite Winter Memories:

     *Oversized glitter-laden earmuffs...there has to be a better way to keep little ears warm!
     *The brown slushy mess left behind when the snow melts
     *Getting snow inside my boots and then it melting
     *Not being able to go outside because it's too cold

Mini snowman family

We can't wait to make some winter wonderland memories with our child! 

Now it's your turn...what are some of your favorite winter activities?


  1. I love sledding in and shoveling snow. I love-love waking to a fresh blanket of white outside. Snow is so quiet and clean. The house is cozier, the kids are sweeter and everything is brighter with snow.

  2. Oh I adore snow~ Snow is my most favorite weather! My favorite things to do in snow depends on the type of snow. Nice heavy wet snow is PERFECT for building snowmen and having snowball fights. The fluffy soft powder snow is the best for sledding and sking.

    One of my most favorite snow memories was created just last year. Where we live there isn't a yard big enough to build a snowman. So the kids and I headed down to the local park and there we built our snowman. And OH what a surprise, our snowman lasted standing there for 2 days!

  3. Thanks for sharing your winter memories! They make us smile:)